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Choosing a harness design to fit your body type

Many harnesses are one size fits all or even if they have different size options, it's sometimes hard to decide if it will look good on your body shape or not. The good news is that many harnesses that are available from Liquid Red fit a variety of shapes and sizes! Whether you're a cup size F or a size A, you can find the perfect harness to fit your body.

Voluptuous sized boobs- cup size DD+

If your boobs are a very large size, have no fear, many harness designs are made it fit around your large boobs and help define their shape more when wearing the harness over lingerie or clothing. Choose a harness that is more open in the center or a harness that doesn't go around the sides of your boobs.  

floral harness bra top for plus size  Lace harness bar top for plus size

Medium sized boobs - cup size C-D

 These boobs are still somewhat large so harnesses are an excellent way to define and contour your chest. Choose a harness that goes up the center and around the sides. Most harnesses will look good on this size so there's not too many that won't fit. 

black lace harness bra top 

Petite sized boobs- cup size A-B

Choosing the right harness can actually make your boobs look larger by defining the center and sizes. Harnesses with more defined strap or floral designs in the center accent your boobs and make them stand out more. 

floral harness bra top  black floral harness top